Giving Back With Ease and Gratitude

Photo of Joe Cohen
Joe Cohen

As a healthy, active 44-year-old, Joe Cohen never imagined he’d be undergoing major surgery for a brain tumor — an experience that both challenged and renewed his perspective on life and the gratitude he held for it.

“If it weren’t for the doctors and nurses at Rush, I know I wouldn’t be here today,” said Cohen, who, as soon as he was able to, began volunteering weekly at the Medical Center more than three years ago. “I’m trying to give back to the organization in whatever fashion I can, which is why I not only volunteer but have also established a trust in my will to honor Rush.”

It was an easy decision for Cohen, a patient of the Department of Neurological Surgery, to have his trust support the future success of the department’s surgical care and research, benefiting patients just like him.

“I kept asking myself, how can we beat this thing? How can we make it better?” said Cohen. “I recognize from my time spent at Rush that the people there always want the best for their patients, and I want to be part of that effort — one that allowed me to heal, one that taught me to take nothing for granted.”


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