Honoring the Past by Investing in the Future

Photo of Robert Behling.
Robert Behling

After Robert Behling’s mother passed away, he sifted through the many family heirlooms he remembered fondly from childhood — the greatest of which was a 19th century medical kit used by his great-great-grandfather John Lloyd Williams, MD, a Rush Medical College alumnus who served as a physician in the Civil War.

Behling, who donated the medical memorabilia to Rush, recalls, “My whole first experience visiting Rush proved there was a lot of great research and work being done with significant support — but I knew there would always be a need for more.”

After making an outright gift to support the initial installation of the medical tool display, Behling set up a charitable gift annuity through Rush. His annuity will pay him in quarterly installments for the rest of his life, at which point the remainder will be used to establish the Robert L. Behling and Dr. John Lloyd Williams Endowed Scholarship Fund for Rush Medical College students.

“The tax benefits and overall financial benefits of a charitable gift annuity were far greater than those of the other investment vehicles I was pursuing,” said Behling. “And when it comes down to it, Rush undoubtedly helped build the foundation from which my family succeeded — so why not give back and help someone else do great things?”



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